Techniplex Management, Inc. remains committed to keeping both our tenants and staff safe as we continue to live with the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have put in place various CDC guideline protocols to assist in this directive.  Staff has been provided facemasks to wear whenever they are inside tenants suites or interacting with any tenants.  Hand sanitizer stations have been installed at common area entrance doors, along with signs reminding everyone to either wear masks or maintain 6’ distance from each other, while in the common areas.  HVAC filters have been upgraded to the highest MERV level each unit can accept. 

Please remember to contact the management office should anyone (employee, visitor, contractor, vendor) who has been in your suite, test positive for Covid-19.  Should a Techniplex Management employee test positive, we will notify any tenant that they may have come in contact with. 

We will be diligent in reviewing new protocols, as they become available, and how they would affect our tenants and staff. 

Until we are “out of the woods”, wear your masks and wash your hands.  Stay safe and healthy.